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1. Who Invented the Success Alarm?
2. Why should I use the Stand Up Alarm?
3. Why is sitting bad for you?
4. When will I get the Alarm?
5. How long should I stand for?
6. What are the benefits of the Success Alarm?
7. How can I make a suggestion or give feedback?
8. What does it cost?
9. How does the Stand Up Alarm work?
10. Who should use the Stand Up Alarm?
11.What can I do if I'm not receiving my Alarm?
13.What if I don't stand up?
14. Can I stop the alarm?
15. What should I do while standing?
16.Won't this interrupt my work flow?
17.Why can't I just use an app on my phone
18. Why don't you send me an alarm to sit?
19. What are the list of enhancements you are working on?
20. How will you make money?
21. What are Goal Pts.?
22. How do I see Money goals?
23.What is GPs? Goal Points received today
24. What is EE@W?