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What are the benefits of the Success Alarm?

Improved health

First you should start with a Stand-up Alarm. This will improve your health by reminding you to get up from the chair you've been sitting in. Sitting too long can cause health problems which can be reduced just by standing for 10 minutes each hour.

The SuccessAlarm will help you lose weight by reminding you to do the things it takes to lose weight. In addition it uses the Excel Diet method to make sure you Lose Weight And Keep It Off (LWAKIO)

Reaching your goals

Many people fail to reach their goals because they don't:
  • have clear goals
  • they don't see progress to the goals
  • the don't work on tasks that move them closer to their goals

    The SuccessAlarm uses both alarms and goals to move you to success. See on a daily basis that you're moving closer to your individual goals

    Being Successful

    This is a matter of doing the right things at the right time. What better way to do this with reminders you set for yourself.

    Better Relationships

    Many relationships could be improved just by doing the things your partner asks you to do. Doing these little things shows you care and then their is usually reciprocation.

    Less Stress

    Stress is reduced because you're seeing progress to whatever goal you're trying to reach. You're losing weight. Paying attention to your health and reducing all the annoying/stressful things you want to.